Thursday, March 12, 2015

SRX 100, 110, 210 H2 models are unable to directly upgrade to Junos 12.3X48 release

SRX100H2, SRX110H2-VA, SRX110H2-VB, SRX210HE2, SRX210HE2-POE, SRX220H2, SRX220H2-POE running with Junos OS :
  • 12.1X44-D10/D15/D20/D30/D35
  • 12.1X45-D10/D15/D20/D25
  • 12.1X46-D10/D15/D20
Alert Description:

On SRX100, SRX110, SRX2210, SRX220 devices with H2 model numbers, an upgrade to 12.3X48 will fail when attempting to upgrade from the following releases:
  • Junos 12.1X44-D10 - Junos 12.1X44-D35
  • Junos 12.1X45-D10 - Junos 12.1X45-D25
  • Junos 12.1X46-D10 - Junos 12.1X46-D20

The models affected by this are SRX-Branch100, 210 and 220 models that have 2GB flash with the following model numbers.
  • SRX100H2
  • SRX110H2-VA, SRX110H2-VB
  • SRX210HE2, SRX210HE2-POE
  • SRX220H2, SRX220H2-POE
The error message indicating the issue when attempting the upgrade is shown in the following example:

root@srx210HE2> request system software add /var/tmp/junos-srxsme-12.3X48-D10-domestic.tgz
WARNING: Package 12.3X48-D10 is not compatible with this hardware.
WARNING: Please install an SRX image supported for 2G

This issue is tracked via PR 987067.

There are two possible solutions available to work around this issue:

Solution 1) Use release 12.1X44-D40, 12.1X45-D30, 12.1X46-D25, 12.1X47-D10 or later releases as an interim release.

To use this solution, follow these steps:
  1. Install one of the above interim releases
  2. Reboot
  3. Install 12.3X48 release
Note: You may use regular means of installing the Junos software, e.g. the cli command request system software add or J-web or NSM/Space management platforms for this process.

Solution 2) Upgrade directly from an affected release to 12.3X48-D10 and above using a special script.

To use this solution perform the below steps:
  1. Download install script

  2. Place install script on SRX

  3. Open shell prompt and move to directory where install script was placed
  4. root@srx210HE2>start shell
    root@srx210HE2%cd /var/tmp

  5. Optionally verify integrity of install script placed on SRX
  6. root@srx210HE2%md5 package.tar.gz
    MD5 (package.tar.gz) = 29d1bb47845647aae1cec6b69fc6fb44

  7. Un-compress script
  8. root@srx210HE2% tar zxf package.tar.gz    (A new folder will be created called package)

  9. Change directory to new folder labeled package
  10. root@srx210HE2% cd package

  11. Install script
  12. root@srx210HE2% sh ./manifest.loader
    Verified manifest signed by PackageDevelopment_9_6_0

  13. Install 12.3X48 using install script, using optional -no-copy, -no-validate, -reboot commands
  14.      NOTE: This step cannot be done using normal CLI 'request system software upgrade' commands.
                    If using -reboot option, for automatic device reboot after upgrade, skip Steps 9 & 10

    root@srx210HE2%./package <–no-copy> <–no-validate> <–reboot> add <image location/name>
    Example: root@srx210HE2%./package -no-copy add /var/tmp/junos-srxsme-12.3X48-D10-domestic.tgz

  15. Exit Shell
  16. root@srx210HE2%exit

  17. Reboot system at your convenience
  18. root@srx210HE2>request system reboot
    Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no) yes
    Shutdown NOW!

  19. Verify upgrade version post reboot
  20. root@srx> show version
    Hostname: srx
    Model: srx210he2
    JUNOS Software Release [12.3X48-D10]

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